Litter S

A date very important to us. On her birthday Kalinka gave herself and us a beautiful present, she gave birth to 4 little vlcaks with kennel name Atropa Bella Donna. This time we decided to watch and let Kalinka do all the work by herself, so without our help she managed to give birth and take care of the little ones. As usual, everything went super fast.

Puppies weights: click


First photos:

Our pups:

Sultana Hatidże (Hadżi)
Owner: Sebastian Paszkiewicz
Wrocław (PL)
DM – N/DM, DW – N/N
Sultana Hurrem (Juna)*
10.09.2015 – 04.02.2017
Owner: Wojciech Burzyński
Domaszków (PL)
DM – N/DM, DW- N/N
Sultana Mahidevran (Luna)
Owner: Jacek Łaskawiec
Wrocław (PL)
DM – N/DM, DW – N/N
Sultan Sulejman (Diesel)
Owner: Daniel Lach
Flensburg (DE)
DM – N/N, DW – N/N

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