Last litter of Kalinka

08/05/16 19:01

Our Kalinka, a wonderful mother, a gentle caretaker is in great shape. She will become mother for the last time this year. The lucky father is Urobach from Peronówka. We can say that it is an old love affair – always a forbidden one. Urcio has always been special for Kalinka. He in return has adored Kalinka without end for as long as I can remember. For the last time we decided to grant this love fulfillment. We’re expecting puppies from this special relationship in June. The pregnancy is confirmed. The litter is to begin with the letter U as in Ultimo – the last one…

Mantrailing maneuvers in Psia Kraina 28.03.2015

31/03/16 23:19

Eastern, Easter and after Easter …… a bit of work. We want to keep up the momentum. Lila is really good at following a trail and therefore I’d decided to test her as well as my abilities at an exam. Just a day after Easter, on Monday we gave our best during the First Mantrailing Maneuvers at MT0 level. Lila seemed not to sense my anxiety, but I was as nervous as a teenager – and here comes the surprise. Although we are completely green it was us who passed the exam and returned victorious. Due to this fact I’ve decided to continue training in this sport and I can sense that Lilka has and excellent sense of smell.

Kalinka is a grandmother again!!

05/12/15 15:22

Life has come full circle: On the 5th od Dec. 2010 Kali had her first babies, and now – exactly 5 years later – 5th of Dec. 2015 – her daughter TRANQUILA PATA DE PLATA Atropa Bella Donna had her first babies in the Unter Wölfen Kennel click here . The father of the litter is ALBY Vikvel Wolf. Cherrinka also gave birth to five puppies: 2 females, and 3 males. There are still free boys in the kennel. So, if you dream about a wonderful and beautiful Wolfdog, have good intentions, and are not afraid of really many questions aksed by the breeder – I recomend this mating. The pedigree is very interesting, real Ceskoslovensky Vlciaks, well socialized and loved. The puppies are taken care of at home with many attractions as guests, children, etc. :) The breeder does her best to prepare the puppies for their new lives. I RECOMMEND!!!!

Time to go home – new home....

15/11/15 21:36

As usually the time comes when the puppies go to their new homes. This time not everybody went far. But first things first:
SULTANA HURREM she lives in a beautiful mountain landscape. She is in Domaszków – Kotlina Kłodzka.
SULTANA HATIDŻE – she went not very far – to Wrocław. We hope she would train Obedience and we would manage to see her at some competitions.
SULTANA MAHIDEVRAN – also not far away. Wrocław is favorable this time. She has friends to play with – her new family is quite big.
SULTAN SULEJMAN – he went further – to Germany. So he is close to his father now. He lives in Flensburg – on the Danish border. His new pal is… a rabbit :)

Dear new families we wish you a lot of patience in taking care of your new, young wolfdogs. We hope they will become your guardians, friends and well brought – up representatives of the breed.

Photo Session

05/10/15 23:53

While Kalinka is bravely bringing up her children, Lila (Gran Rosa Amiga) and Mandżur (Gran Milagro Azul) took part in a photo session on the 30th of September 2015. The pictures were taken for some de lux journal. They both looked stunning, having been surrounded by beatufiul design. They did a great job. The effects of this event will be presented at the end of November. We will let you know without fail, meantime some small piece of something big.

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