About us

It all started when we were both children. We have always respected animals and appreciated them for their loyalty towards man and their cooperation. We both had dogs in our childhoods. Przemek’s was a female Dalmatian called KORA and I used to have Dona who was a female miniature dachshund. And of course we had absolutely no influence on the race of both dogs, they were both chosen by our parents. But these dogs meant world to us. Already at that time I had a chance to feel the excitment of an exhibition as well as upbringing DOna’s children. I could spend hours on watching them grow, quarrel and turn our kitchen into a mess. But there was nothing in the world like those baby balls, crawling between my legs and crying gently. This is when I decided that one day I will have a dog myself and that I would bring him up, train and show on exhibitions. Unfortunately once I started my university, this projects had to be postponed. Shared student apartment was not an ideal environment for a dog, who could also be confused when deciding who his master is. Once my roommates were gone, I have finally decided to get a dog. Its worth mentioning that we also own 2 ferrets, Adrenalinka and Akitka Inu. Both of them traveled across the country with us.

Choosing the right breed as a though decision. We did want to start articipating in shows and exhibitions but we were also worried about our little ferrets. We knew that there will be a tremendous size difference, as we were choosing from big size dogs only, however getting a dog with unknown background could hurt the little ones. Why a wolfdog? We spent a couple of years searching for the right breed. It was important that it was a submissive dog, but one that thinks on his own and one that is healthy!We were forced to reject several different breeds due to their health issues. This is when we discovered wolfdogs. Proud, elegant but modest and healthy, wolfdogs are also very fast and fit. Our decision was final: we are getting a Czechoslovak wolf. Choosing the breeder was quit easy. As it was our first dog we needed breeder’s support in case of problems and doubts.

Growing older, Kalinka was not much of a trouble. She did not destroy the apartment, behaved at home, stayed home alone without any problems.She has been great during training and she also the first wolfdog in Poland to participate in Frisbee Dog Chow Disc Cup. K-lees and our little successes made us proud and we realize that we would love to preserve her great character. In 2009 she has been registered in the Polish Kennel Club and the International Federation of NCO (FCI).

Atropa Bella Donna comes from Latin and meant a toxic herb used in the past to poison wolfs. But in our case this is the other way round: we have been poisoned by a wolf, poisoned with her love, loyalty and understanding. This herb was also used by women to give shine to their eyes… this shine of our wolfdog’s eyes is with us since 2008 and we hope it will stay with us forever.

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