Litter U

The last of the little Atropki were born in a truly speedy fashion. On June 12th 2016 within 1 hour and 45 minutes Kalinka gave birth to four musketeers and one sweet lady. All little ones already have homes. They are strong, grow beautifully, eat and sleep a lot. So far. With this littler comes Kalinka’s career in breeding to an end. As for us, our only consolation is that in all her children there is a little piece of her heart beating – the heart of our wonderful friend.

Puppies weights: click


First photos:

Our pups:

Ultimo Zafiro Inmortal (Drogo)
Owner: Evaggelos Papadimas
Athens (GR)
DM – N/N, DW – N/DW
Ultimo Rubi Amoroso (Nanouk)
Owner: Michael Schwarz
Kehl (DE)
DM – N/DM, DW – N/DW
Ultimo Ambar Valiente (Torres)
Owner: Magdalena Pietrus-Borowiak
Jary k/Obornik Śl (PL)
DM – N/N, DW- N/DW
Ultimo Diamante Invencible (Łoś)
Owner: Katarzyna Wiśniewska-Piąty
Pilica (PL)
DM – N/N, DW – N/DW
Ultima Esmeralda Amistosa (Miss)
Owner: Rita Pankrasovaite
Kaunas (LT)
DM – N/N, DW – N/DW
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