Movie performance in February

01/03/17 13:09

We are keeping busy. The girls got roles in a serious movie and we will be able to admire the results on the silver screen later this year. So far I can’t go into details, but let me just say that we spent a few cold days and nights in a beautiful place near the Ślęża Mountain and we will cherish the memories forever. I had the privilege to see one more time how great my dogs are and what a great family we all are. Keep an eye out for the wolfdogs at the cinema!!!!!

XV Winter National Dog Show – Lubin – 22.01.2017

25/01/17 23:38

We have begun the show season. Both girls appeared in Lubin in front of the judge Małgorzata Wieremiejczyk – Wierzchowska, who appreciated the great shape the girls are in. Lila (Gran Rosa Amiga) received the note excellent 1st CWC in the open class. Kalinka (K-Lee Vornja) received excellent and the titles of the Veteran Winner, Best Veteran in the Breed and she was 4th as Best in Show among the veterans (judge: Viva Maria Soleckyj-Szpunar)!!!!

CACIB Wrocław 2016

21/11/16 13:58

We visit dog shows very seldom. We really don’t have a reason to anymore. Kalinka will complete her Veteran Champion once her fur grows back after having babies. Lilka doesn’t like shows. The more reason not to participate in shows which take place far away. Due to the above reasons I signed the girls up for Wrocław – since we have a dog show on our own doorstep. First to my great surprise Lilka (Gran Rosa Amiga) won the Open Class. Then she got CACIB, the title of the Best Female and finally The Best Of Breed (BOB)!!! I believe that Lilka had never performed so beautifully. It was wonderful to watch her and to see how keen she is to cooperate with me, and since we were participation in a dog show we had to show ourselves in the most beautiful way :)

A Wolfdogs and a Friesian? Why not!

05/10/16 23:36

We are not bored. During a photo shoot in pouring rain we met some fantastic people with passion. It was a private photo shoot, but I got the permission to share a few photos with you. The focus point of the shoot was a woman, a horse and our Wolfdogs. The girls were brilliant and I was proud of them one more time. I would really like to repeat such an adventure!

The dog whisperer was the phenomenal Katarzyna Jasińska and the photographer the fantastic Małgorzata Kuriata.

Późna 2016

31/08/16 14:03

We had waited the whole year and now its already over. As always it was wonderful to meet both – the experienced acquaintances as well as the new faces. This year the weather was kind. We bathed in the sun, took long walks as well as used the advantages of the nearby dam. The girls showed off again during the Hoki Memorial. Apparently it was the first time in history – Kalinka 1st place and Lilka 2nd place – both dogs with the same handler. We got great prizes – a huge sack of Carnilove dog food, T-shirts, a trophy to put on the wall and the most important thing – great memories. Great fun is what Pozna is all about and that’s why we will definitely not miss it next year!!!

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