CACIB Wrocław 2016

21/11/16 13:58

We visit dog shows very seldom. We really don’t have a reason to anymore. Kalinka will complete her Veteran Champion once her fur grows back after having babies. Lilka doesn’t like shows. The more reason not to participate in shows which take place far away. Due to the above reasons I signed the girls up for Wrocław – since we have a dog show on our own doorstep. First to my great surprise Lilka (Gran Rosa Amiga) won the Open Class. Then she got CACIB, the title of the Best Female and finally The Best Of Breed (BOB)!!! I believe that Lilka had never performed so beautifully. It was wonderful to watch her and to see how keen she is to cooperate with me, and since we were participation in a dog show we had to show ourselves in the most beautiful way :)

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