DCDC Sopot 2009 & DCDC Wrocław 2010

13/01/11 16:37

Next we went to DCDC in Sopot in 2009, however unfortunately this competition was happening at the same time as conformation show and Kalinka was signed up for both. This was the mistake we have never made again.

The following year we did DCDC Wroclaw 2010. Lack of time does not help but we will do better.

DCDC Wrocław 2009

12/01/10 22:12

Przemek and Kalinka first showed up during Dog Chow Disc Cup in 2009. Beginnings were though but Kali was attracting a lot of attention when running around the public, frisbee in her mouth and her attitude saying ‘I am the star’ ;)

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